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                                                                In memory of Larry Benoit                                           10/8/13



                                                                Farwell old hunter.


Well Ling, summer has turned to fall and the leaves are almost gone. From above the winds, you heard your name being called.

 Ike, Dad, Carl, Uncle Shine and all the others that you loved so much and have passed on before you are now at your side. You can now go deeper in the woods, higher on the ridges and track the biggest buck of your life.

 You have accomplished so much while you were on this earth and you have trained your young hunters well. You are the true whitetail legend and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to share a part of your accomplishments with you.

Some day, when my name is being called from above the winds, I will come and find you. May the winds blow these words up the mountain to drift for eternity. Farwell old hunter, Farwell my friend, may you rest in peace until we meet again.