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          Attention     Deer   Hunters

Now nationally recognized as the Greatest whitetail deer hunter in the country.   We are proud to introduce Vermont's Own          


             Larry Benoit

           Chances are, if you've been hunting deer a few years, you've somehow heard of Larry Benoit and his sons from Vermont. You might even be able to picture them as they first

         appeared in Sports Afield magazine in 1970. Larry and his boy's with green plaid jackets,

        wpe2.jpg (113652 bytes)   wpe6.jpg (104805 bytes)

         Remington pump action rifles and BIG BUCKS hanging behind them from their porch.

Well, since achieving legendary status nearly

 30 years ago as the   

            "Best Deer Hunter in America"

the legend and his Boy's live on, consistently bagging Huge Bucks year after year.



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