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Rem 760   -  1968 or later
Rem760 and 7600












Swivels and Slings

Super Swivels® Are Now Better Than Ever!
Our world-renowned QD® Super Swivels® became the leading choice among firearms manufacturers, sportsmen and gunsmiths because we continually refine, improve and upgrade an already superb product

All Super Swivels will be built using extremely close machining tolerances to deliver a very tight fit, virtually eliminating squeaks and rattles. Quiet Swivels will retain the innovative SwiveLock®, a feature that allows the swivel to be detached, but still provides a positive locking mechanism to enhance safety in the field.

Set of two with Swivelock® feature. For rifles with factory-installed studs, or to interchange with other QD swivels. No studs provided. 1" and 1 1/4" sizes.
Uncle Mikes 1 inch swivels.

Uncle Mikes 1 inch Super Swivels. Set of two.


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1-1/4" Uncle Mike's Super Swivels.

Uncle Mikes 1-1/4" Super Swivels. Set of two.


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