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                                                                            Big Bucks: The Benoit Way.


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       This is a must have treasure for every true Whitetail Deer Hunter !   This book is packed full of pictures taken out in the woods on actual hunts showing the different sign that the whitetail leaves and how to read and understand it.


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Chapters Include:                                              

         Chapter 1: The first family of deer hunting.                            

       Chapter 2: Following trophy bucks.

       Chapter 3: Footprints in the snow.

       Chapter 4: Reading, Identifying, and understanding tracks.

       Chapter 5: On the trail.

       Chapter 6: The end game.

       Chapter 7: Bare-Ground Hunting

       Chapter 8: Bad weather bucks.

       Chapter 9: Hunting with the Benoits-A lesson in deer hunting.

       Chapter 10: Equipment-What works, What dosen't.

       Chapter 11: Off the norris branch.

       Chapter 12: Tips, Techniques, and Tactics.

       Chapter 13: This and That.

       Chapter 14: The End.




No longer available !!  -- --  Out of print !!






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